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How it works?

Path Pal breaks up the monotony of hitting the same trails every time you want to go for a run. We’ve put together a list of the best trails in College Park, giving you a wide selection of trails to run. Path Pal is the ultimate guide for runners looking for new trails.

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Download Path Pal to create your personalized Path Pal account. Then begin browsing all the trails in the College Park area.


Pick a trail that fits your running desires. From varying distances to trail type, Path Pal provides a variety of routes to match your needs.


Hit “Start Trail” to begin your run. As you go, Path Pal will keep track of your pace and favorite locations.


Your “Running Recap” will let you view and rate every run. Save your best runs to your “Favorites” in order to keep track of your top trails.


Great features you'll love.

Path Pal's easy to access features make it easy to find new trails and start running.

Trail Database

Choose from a variety of trails all conveniently located within 5 miles of the University of Maryland. Path Pal displays the distance and type of each trail.

Location Tracking

After starting a run, Path Pal will track your distance and timing as you complete the trail, and provide a final recap of your running stats.


Create a profile to track your favorite runs, and rate each run after you complete it.


Add a run to your favorites after you finish it. Scroll through the favorites section to quickly access the runs you like most.


Path Pal will keep track of the runs you complete and display the date, time, and distance of past runs in the history tab.

Free of Charge

Download Path Pal at no cost and create your free profile to start discovering new trials.

About Us

Meet the team behind Path Pal

We are three University of Maryland students who wanted to make it easier for runners to discover new trails in the area. We developed Path Pal to help runners find new challenges.
-- Mollie, Ana, and Abel

Hear What Our Runners Say.

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    Olivia Sondler Senior, University of Maryland.

    As a runner continuously using the same trails, I am excited to use an app like Path Pal to explore new routes around College Park and the surrounding area. It will give me greater incentive to get outside and explore and leave me feeling less bored with my runs.

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    Jessica Martins Senior, University of Maryland

    Path Pal allows me to venture outside my comfort zone and discover new trails around the College Park area. On the app itself, I enjoy the feature to favorite runs so I can remember the trails I enjoyed the most and see my times from previous runs.


Questions and Answers.

The Path Pal team answered some commonly asked questions in hopes of improving the user experience.

How can I discover new trails?

You can discover new trails on the home page either by scrolling on the map or by simply scrolling down on the page to discover trails through the list view.

How can I update my user profile?

Users can edit their profile by clicking the three-pronged button in the top right corner of the screen and then choosing the profile option. Once you are on the Profile screen, users can edit their name, email, or password by pressing "edit information."

How can I favorite a trail?

After you complete a run, simply press the star on the running recap screen for the trail to be added to your favorites.

What is the difference between favorites and history?

Favorites is meant to specifically favorite an entire trail that you once ran. History is meant to keep track of all of your runs, logging the date, time and miles.

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